Laboratory Animal Medicine

Laboratory Animal Medicine (Third Edition)

American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine
2015, Pages 1535-1541
Laboratory Animal Medicine

Chapter 35 - Research in Laboratory Animal and Comparative Medicine rights and content

The importance of the research component of programs in laboratory animal and comparative medicine has been discussed actively for more than half a century (Clarkson, 1961a, b). At no time, however, have the discussions been more timely or of greater importance to how laboratory animal medicine will interface with academic medicine in the future. Programs in laboratory animal and comparative medicine are at a major crossroad in their evolution with some uncertainty about whether they will become increasingly regulatory/service oriented or whether balance will be maintained between the service aspects and the traditional commitments of teaching and research. In this chapter we emphasize the importance of the research component as necessary for the laboratory animal medicine (LAM) specialist to be viewed as a fellow scientist rather than support staff, and to provide a continuing scientific basis to the field.

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