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Finding relevant content has never been so simple

Our free Recommendations service uses machine learning and your online activity to suggest research tailored to your needs

How does the Recommendations service work?

Once you've registered, our powerful adaptive algorithm uses your signed-in activity on ScienceDirect to understand your research interests. It then searches our database of more than 3,800 journals and over 37,000 book titles to find related content. The more frequently you sign in, the better it gets to know you, and the more relevant the recommendations you'll receive.

Why should I use it?

Our free service is available to everyone, whatever your level of ScienceDirect access, and is a great way to stay competitive. Registering opens the door to:

  • Discovering content you might otherwise have missed
  • Uncovering relevant research in neighbouring fields
  • Sparking new lines of inquiry
  • Finding new authors (and potential collaborators)
  • Saving time...

How do I receive the recommendations?

It's easy, just follow these four steps:

  1. Register for our Recommendations service
  2. Ensure you sign in each time you visit ScienceDirect
  3. Once we've built a picture of your research needs, we'll send you weekly emails containing links to similar articles and book chapters
  4. You can also view a longer list of articles on your personal ScienceDirect page, which is refreshed each time you visit
More than 1 million researchers are already using our Recommendations service. Find out why...

At Elsevier, we recognize the importance of proper handling of personal data. For more information, please visit our Privacy Center.