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Volume 33

March 2024

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 100578
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  1. Research papers

    1. Heterogeneous effects from integrated farm innovations on welfare in Rwanda

      Article 100548
    2. Can farmers with higher capabilities fend off falling into future Poverty? Empirical evidence from a tribal region in eastern India

      Article 100544
    3. Investigating the inclusiveness of the usipa value chain in Malawi

      Article 100552
    4. Making specialty coffee and coffee-cherry value chains work for family farmers’ livelihoods: A participatory action research approach

      Article 100551
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    5. The Strong 'Dual-Necessity’ principle for ranking social progress

      Article 100559
    6. Geography of inequality, geography of development: Water politics in India

      Article 100550
    7. Public decision making by women’s self-help groups and its contributions to women’s empowerment: Evidence from West Bengal, India

      Article 100549
    8. Impact of dairy contract farming adoption on household resilience to food insecurity evidence from Ethiopia

      Article 100560
    9. Socioeconomic implications of infrastructure development: Exploring the impacts of water infrastructure through stakeholders’ perceptions

      Article 100563
    10. Household air pollution could make children grow shorter in sub-Saharan Africa; but can households help stem the tide on their own?

      Article 100562
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    11. A responsible mining approach to the economic modeling of small-scale gold mining

      Article 100561
    12. Management of innovation processes in agriculture

      Article 100566
    13. Public and common interest in sustainable contract farming

      Article 100564
    14. Feminisation of adaptation interventions in Bangladesh: An intersectional analysis

      Article 100567
    15. Global corporations and local dependencies: Resource redistribution and the reconfiguration of dependency relations in Sierra Leone

      Article 100569
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    16. Women’s education through empowerment: Evidence from a community-based program

      Article 100568
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    17. The influence of large scale land acquisition on smallholder farming productivity - the case of Zambia

      Article 100565
    18. Which rights matters: Girls’ education at the expense of their sexual and reproductive rights?

      Article 100571
    19. Ministerial musical chairs: Does leadership turnover undermine the effectiveness of World Bank education aid?

      Article 100572
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    20. Fertility responses to cash transfers in Uruguay

      Article 100574
  2. Article(s) from the Special Issue on Toward a Peace-Centered Sustainable Development; Edited by Dahlia Simangan, Ayyoob Sharifi and Kaneko Shinji

    1. Unveiling effects of cash transfers on poverty and social cohesion in conflict-affected zones: Insights from ex-FATA, Pakistan

      Article 100570

ISSN: 2452-2929