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Volume 269

March 2024

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  1. Editorial Board

    Article 110734
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  2. Serological monitoring of Enterococcus cecorum specific antibodies in chickens

    Article 110714
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  3. Myeloid derived suppressor cells in peripheral blood can be a prognostic factor in canine transitional cell carcinoma

    Article 110716
  4. Potential to use cannabinoids as adjunct therapy for dexamethasone: An in vitro study with canine peripheral blood mononuclear cells

    Article 110727
  5. Immunophenotyping of peripheral circulating lymphocytes and serum selenium levels in calves with neonatal diarrhea

    Article 110728
  6. Characterization of immune responses and immunopathology in turkeys experimentally infected with clostridial dermatitis-producing strains of Clostridium septicum

    Article 110717
  7. Immunomodulatory effect of Lacticaseibacillus casei CB054 supplementation in calves vaccinated against infectious bovine rhinotracheitis

    Article 110726
  8. Canine T zone lymphoma is a tumor of mature, previously activated αβ T cells

    Article 110725
  9. Design and development of multiepitope chimeric antigens by bioinformatic and bacterial based recombinant expression methods, with potential application for bovine tuberculosis serodiagnosis

    Article 110729

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