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Thermochimica Acta

Volume 733

March 2024

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 179711
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  1. Regular Articles

    1. Thermal behaviors and kinetic analysis of dicyclohexylmethane-4,4′-diisocyanate (HMDI)

      Article 179676
    2. The influence of ionic form and Cu2O particles on thermal stability of carboxylic cation exchangers

      Article 179678
    3. Continuous cooling and isothermal solidification analysis of AlSi10Mg using differential fast scanning calorimetry

      Article 179674
    4. Study on the characteristics of gas phase products in coal mine conveyor belt fire

      Article 179677
    5. Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) for characterization of self-cementation of recycled concrete aggregates in pavement

      Article 179680
    6. Study on the ablation behavior of C/SiC composite materials under the action of local structural thermal sources

      Article 179679
    7. Advanced isoconversional kinetic analysis: Insight in mechanisms and simulations. Successes and future

      Article 179688
    8. Isoconversional methods: A powerful tool for kinetic analysis and the identification of experimental data quality

      Article 179690
    9. Applicability of model free isothermal prediction procedures based on the Friedman method and three incremental isoconversional methods for complex processes

      Article 179691
    10. Thermal conductivities of nylon thin films measured by ISO 11357-8 method

      Article 179689
    11. Isoconversional methods as single-step kinetic approximation

      Article 179692
    12. Heat dissipation analysis and correction of the sample in accelerating rate calorimetric experiment

      Article 179695
    13. Application of the orthogonal collocation method in evaluating the rate of reactions using thermogravimetric analysis data

      Article 179698
    14. Thermomechanical behavior of polyurethane nanocomposite foams containing organoclay particles modified with bio-based fatty acid

      Article 179693
    15. Enhancing thermal transport in ABS polymer with graphene oxide: Insights into low-temperature thermal conductivity behavior and correlation with Boson peak anomaly

      Article 179696
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    16. Extended kinetic approach to reversible thermal decomposition of solids: A universal description considering the effect of the gaseous product and the kinetic compensation effect

      Article 179699
    17. Thermal decomposition kinetics and mechanism of poly(ethylene 2,5-furan dicarboxylate) Nanocomposites for food packaging applications

      Article 179700
    18. Isoconversional methods: The many uses of variable activation energy

      Article 179701
    19. Synthesis, characterization and thermal decomposition mechanism of new 5-amino-3-hydrazinyl-1H-1,2,4-triazole-based energetic materials

      Article 179703
    20. A study on molecular association in FLiNaK by high temperature mass spectrometry and Raman spectroscopy

      Article 179675
    21. Detecting reorganization in semicrystalline polymers during heating: Insights from Fast Scanning Chip Calorimetry coupled with real-time optical microscopy

      Article 179697
  2. Short Communication

    1. Flash point and safety evaluation of binary mixture of diphenyl ether + biphenyl: A commonly utilized heat transfer fluid

      Article 179673

ISSN: 0040-6031