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The Journal of Pain


Volume 25, Issue 1

Pages 1-292, A1-A8 (January 2024)

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    1. Masthead

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    1. Editorial Board

      Pages A2-A3
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    1. Table of Contents

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  1. Featured Article

    1. Prevalence and Risk Factors of De Novo Widespread Post-COVID Pain in Nonhospitalized COVID-19 Survivors: A Nationwide Exploratory Population-Based Survey

      Pages 1-11
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  2. Review Articles

    1. Longitudinal Changes and Associations Between Quantitative Sensory Testing and Psychological Factors in Whiplash-Associated Disorders: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analyses-Based Data Synthesis

      Pages 12-30
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    2. The Uptake of the Core Outcome Set for Non-Specific Low Back Pain Clinical Trials is Poor: A Meta-Epidemiological Study of Trial Registrations

      Pages 31-38
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  3. Original Reports

    1. Emotion-Focused Psychodynamic Interview for People with Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain and Childhood Adversity: A Randomized Controlled Trial

      Pages 39-52
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    2. Pain and Itch Processing in Aged Mice

      Pages 53-63
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    3. Autonomic Small-Fiber Pathology in Patients With Fibromyalgia

      Pages 64-72
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    4. A Novel Sensory Wave (P25) in Myelin Oligodendrocyte Glycoprotein-induced Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis Murine Model

      Pages 73-87
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    5. Topical Oxaliplatin Produces Gain- and Loss-of-Function in Multiple Classes of Sensory Afferents

      Pages 88-100
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    6. Time-Course Progression of Whole Transcriptome Expression Changes of Trigeminal Ganglia Compared to Dorsal Root Ganglia in Rats Exposed to Nerve Injury

      Pages 101-117
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    7. Mindfulness-Based Intervention Effect on the Psychophysiological Marker of Self-Regulation in Women With Endometriosis-Related Chronic Pain

      Pages 118-131
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    8. Qualitative Analysis of Patient Perspectives of Buprenorphine After Transitioning From Long-Term, Full-Agonist Opioid Therapy Among Veterans With Chronic Pain

      Pages 132-141
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    9. Comparable Minimally Important Differences and Responsiveness of Brief Pain Inventory and PEG Pain Scales across 6 Trials

      Pages 142-152
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    10. Biopsychosocial Factors Associated With Pain and Pain-Related Outcomes in Adults and Children With Sickle Cell Disease: A Multivariable Analysis of the GRNDaD Multicenter Registry

      Pages 153-164
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    11. Body Mindsets are Associated With Pain and Threat-Related Risk Factors for Pain in Survivors of Childhood Cancer

      Pages 165-175
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    12. The Pain Anxiety Symptom Scale: Initial Development and Evaluation of 4 and 8 Item Short Forms

      Pages 176-186
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    13. Higher Cardiovagal Baroreflex Sensitivity Predicts Increased Pain Outcomes After Cardiothoracic Surgery

      Pages 187-201
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    14. Choice Enhances Placebo Hypoalgesia More in Weaker Placebo Contexts: A Partial Reinforcement Study

      Pages 202-216
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    15. The Association Between Racialized Discrimination in Health Care and Pain Among Black Patients With Mental Health Diagnoses

      Pages 217-227
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    16. Differential Effects of Thermal Stimuli in Eliciting Temporal Contrast Enhancement: A Psychophysical Study

      Pages 228-237
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    17. Predictors of Psychosocial and Functional Outcomes in Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder/Genito-Pelvic Dysesthesia: Application of the Fear-Avoidance Model

      Pages 238-249
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    18. The Relationship Between the Ability to Infer Another's Pain and the Expectations Regarding the Appearance of Pain Facial Expressions: Investigation of the Role of Visual Perception

      Pages 250-264
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    19. The Chronic Overlapping Pain Condition Screener

      Pages 265-272
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    20. Executive Functioning and Self-Management Processes Mediate the Relationship Between Insomnia and Pain-Related Disability

      Pages 273-283
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    21. Interhemispheric Inhibition Between Primary Motor Cortices is Not Altered in Individuals With Chronic Lateral Epicondylalgia

      Pages 284-292
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ISSN: 1526-5900