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Public Relations Review

Volume 50, Issue 1

March 2024

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  1. Editorial Board

    Article 102445
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  2. Theory advancing practice: The contingency theory in the strategic management of crises, conflicts and complex public relations issues

    Article 102392
  3. Crime has a PR component: Public relations in U.S. mystery novels

    Article 102396
  4. Clarifying covenants and delineating devotion: Explicating religious public relations relationship frameworks

    Article 102399
  5. A systematic review of digital internal communication

    Article 102400
  6. How organization response influences public sentiment and behavior in online crises: The role of response strategies, tenor of discourse and executives

    Article 102395
  7. Relationship cultivation strategies in the metaverse

    Article 102397
  8. A preliminary study for developing perceived ESG scale to measure public perception toward organizations’ ESG performance

    Article 102398
  9. A case for the plausibility of public relations licensing: The carrot of privileged communication

    Article 102408
  10. Identity resilience in times of mediatization: Comparing employees’ with citizens’ perceptions of a public organization

    Article 102416
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  11. Exploring leisure and municipal government public relations for community: A case example of parks and recreation

    Article 102410
  12. Rethinking the start date for media relations and press releases: The peace movement of the 1800s

    Article 102409
  13. Agonism in the arena: Analyzing cancel culture using a rhetorical model of deviance and reputational repair

    Article 102420
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  14. It is all in the name: Toward a typology of public relations professionals’ ethical dilemmas

    Article 102418
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  15. When controversy meets controversy, what do you see? Understanding the visual communication of cannabis companies’ corporate social advocacy on Instagram

    Article 102417
  16. Connecting issues, CSR, and OPRs: Unpacking identity mediators of the effect of CSR on relationship and the moderating role of intergroup dynamics

    Article 102421
  17. A Delphi study on the state and future of hispanic public relations in the United States

    Article 102415
  18. Building bridges for anti-racism activism: Testing situational theory of problem solving and problem chain recognition effect

    Article 102425
  19. Capability gap in relation to public relations´ strategic issues in Latin America

    Article 102428
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  20. Instilling warmth in artificial intelligence? Examining publics’ responses to AI-applied corporate ability and corporate social responsibility practices

    Article 102426
  21. Examining strategic diversity communication on social media using supervised machine learning: Development, validation and future research directions

    Article 102431
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  22. Toward a tent-driven model of organizations: Stakeholders, permeability, and multiple identities in public relations theory

    Article 102429
  23. Moving beyond the sector: The spillover effects of an NPO’s crisis on the same and different sectors

    Article 102423
  24. The experiences of English National Health Service professional communicators during the Covid-19 pandemic

    Article 102434
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  25. A new framework for managing “crisis spillover” as a type of sticky crisis: Initial insights from a crisis communication expert panel

    Article 102424
  26. Diagnosing shared crises as acute intractability: Organizing crises and intractable issues in public relations theory

    Article 102427
  27. A quiver full of arrows: An examination of tactics employed by CEO activists in Ghana

    Article 102422
  28. How social media expedites the crisis spillover effect: A case study of Tesla's recall event

    Article 102432

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