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Volume 250

1 June 2024

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 109935
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  1. Original Research

    1. Ginkgolide B can alleviate spinal cord glymphatic system dysfunction and provide neuroprotection in painful diabetic neuropathy rats by inhibiting matrix metalloproteinase-9

      Article 109907
    2. Retigabine and gabapentin restore channel function and neuronal firing in a cellular model of an epilepsy-associated dominant-negative KCNQ5 variant

      Article 109892
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    3. PGC-1α in the hippocampus mediates depressive-like and stress-coping behaviours and regulates excitatory synapses in the dentate gyrus in mice

      Article 109908
    4. Resveratrol evokes neuroprotective effects and improves foot stance following kainate-induced excitotoxic damage to the mouse spinal cord

      Article 109906
    5. Neuro-modulatory impact of felodipine against experimentally-induced Parkinson's disease: Possible contribution of PINK1-Parkin mitophagy pathway

      Article 109909
    6. β2* nAChR sensitivity modulates acquisition of cocaine self-administration in male rats

      Article 109927

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