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Microelectronic Engineering

Volume 287

15 April 2024

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 112162
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  1. Micro-/Nano-engineering, fabrication, and manufacturing

    1. Silicon microresonator arrays: A comprehensive study on fabrication techniques and pH-controlled stress-induced variations in cantilever stiffness

      Article 112154
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  2. Microsystems, microdevices and their fabrication

    1. A ScAlN-based piezoelectric breathing mode dual-ring resonator with high temperature stability

      Article 112144
    2. Design of multi-scroll chaotic attractor based on a novel multi-segmented memristor and its application in medical image encryption

      Article 112156
  3. Nanoelectronic and photonic devices and their fabrication

    1. A new characterization model of FinFET self-heating effect based on FinFET characteristic parameter

      Article 112155

ISSN: 0167-9317