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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 116317
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  1. Reviews

    1. Microplastic and mesoplastic pollution in surface waters and beaches of the Canary Islands: A review

      Article 116230
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    2. Submarine groundwater discharge and ocean acidification: Implications from China's coastal waters

      Article 116252
    3. Advances in chemical removal and degradation technologies for microplastics in the aquatic environment: A review

      Article 116202
    4. The toxic effects of petroleum pollutants to microalgae in marine environment

      Article 116235
    5. Development and research directions in ship recycling: A systematic literature review with bibliometric analysis

      Article 116247
  2. Reports

    1. Salinity and pH related microbial nitrogen removal in the largest coastal lagoon of Chinese mainland (Pinqing Lagoon)

      Article 116181
    2. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the seawater quality of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

      Article 116242
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    3. Phosphate buffering in mangrove sediment pore water under eutrophication and deforestation influences

      Article 116130
    4. Distribution, sources, and eco-risk of Current-Use Pesticides (CUPs) in the coastal waters of the northern Shandong Peninsula, China

      Article 116159
    5. Patterns and spatial distribution of sea turtle strandings in Alagoas, Brazil

      Article 116127
    6. Possible enhancement in ocean productivity associated with wildfire-derived nutrient and black carbon deposition in the Arctic Ocean in 2019–2021

      Article 116149
    7. Good-Moderate boundary setting for the environmental status assessment of the macrozoobenthos communities with the Benthic Quality Index (BQI) in the south-western Baltic Sea

      Article 116150
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    8. Predicting the effect of fouling organisms and climate change on integrated shellfish aquaculture

      Article 116167
    9. Heavy metal and trace element concentrations in the blood of scalloped hammerhead sharks (Sphyrna lewini) from La Paz Bay, México

      Article 116155
    10. Pollutant levels in the waters of the industrial area of North Aceh and Lhokseumawe Regency, Indonesia

      Article 116170
    11. A study into the diversity of coral-associated bacteria using culture-dependent and culture-independent approaches in coral Dipsastraea favus from the Gulf of Kutch

      Article 116172
    12. Species distribution models to predict the impacts of environmental disasters on shrimp species of economic interest

      Article 116162
    13. Shift in hemocyte immune parameters of marine bivalve Mytilus galloprovincialis (Lamarck, 1819) after exposure to methane

      Article 116174
    14. The diversity of planktonic bacteria driven by environmental factors in different mariculture areas in the East China Sea

      Article 116136
    15. First register of microplastic contamination in oysters (Crassostrea gasar) farmed in Amazonian estuaries

      Article 116182
    16. Detection of harmful algal blooms from satellite-based inherent optical properties of the ocean in Paracas Bay – Peru

      Article 116173
    17. Bioaccumulation of pollutants in the green-lipped mussel Perna viridis: Assessing pollution abatement in Victoria Harbour and its adjacent aquaculture area, Hong Kong, and the minimal human health risks from mussel consumption

      Article 116086
    18. Relevance of flounder caging and proteomics to explore the impact of a major industrial accident caused by fire on the Seine estuarine water quality

      Article 116178
    19. Unveiling the evolution of phytoplankton communities: Decades-long insights into the southern Yellow Sea, China (1959–2023)

      Article 116179
    20. Nitrogen enrichment changed the biogeochemical role of sesarmid crabs by shifting their diets in tropical mangrove ecosystems

      Article 116183
    21. Marine litter and microplastic pollution in mangrove sediments in the Sea of Oman

      Article 116132
    22. Anthropogenic litter in a Mediterranean coastal wetland: A heterogeneous spatial pattern of historical deposition

      Article 116163
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    23. Marine turtles as bio-indicators of plastic pollution in the eastern Mediterranean

      Article 116141
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    24. Organic carbon in wet deposition of an urbanized coastal bay, North China: Flux, sources and biogeochemical implications

      Article 116158
    25. Survey of parasites in sea turtles rescued off the coast of Santa Catarina and Paraná, Brazil (2020-2022) and their relationship with marine pollution

      Article 116190
    26. Tracing beach litter sources: Drink lids tell a different story from their bottles

      Article 116186
    27. The variations of heavy metals sources varied their aggregated concentration and health risk in sediments of karst rivers – A case study in Liujiang River Basin, Southwest China

      Article 116171
    28. Variations in the concentration, inventory, source, and ecological risk of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in sediments of the Lake Chaohu

      Article 116188
    29. Aromatase (CYP19) gene as a biomarker for detection of naphthalene and phenanthrene in Colombo to Mirissa coastal water in Sri Lanka

      Article 116187
    30. Ghost fishing efficiency in swimming crab (Portunus trituberculatus) pot fishery

      Article 116192
    31. Unique transport paths of 137Cs from the Indian to Southern Oceans

      Article 116168
    32. Assessment of microplastic contamination in shrimps from the Bay of Bengal and associated human health risk

      Article 116185
    33. Ecological risk of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) in the sediment of a protected karst plateau lake (Caohai) wetland in China

      Article 116199
    34. Seasonal and distance-decay patterns of surface sediments microbial nitrogen and sulfur cycling linkage in the eastern coast of China

      Article 116169
    35. Exploring contribution of phytoplankton cell death to settleable particulate organic carbon in the East China Sea in spring

      Article 116197
    36. Microplastic in clams: An extensive spatial assessment in south Brazil

      Article 116203
    37. Model-based estimation of seasonal transport of macro-plastics in a marine protected area

      Article 116191
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    38. Human health risk attributed to consumption of seafood and recreation swimming in Negombo Lagoon, Sri Lanka: An assessment on lagoon water and inhabitant oysters (Crassostrea cucullata Born, 1778)

      Article 116189
    39. Extensive intragenomic variations of the 18S rDNA V4 region in the toxigenic diatom species Pseudo-nitzschia multistriata revealed through high-throughput sequencing

      Article 116198
    40. Early signals of Posidonia oceanica meadows recovery in a context of wastewater treatment improvements

      Article 116193
    41. Mechanisms of the novel pesticide sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate in the mitigation of protozoan ciliated pathogens during microalgal cultivation

      Article 116204
    42. Changes in coastal ecosystems affected by overburden dumping from amber open-cut mining on the Sambia Peninsula (Baltic Sea)

      Article 116180
    43. Coping with current impacts: The case of Scyliorhinus canicula in the NW Mediterranean Sea and implications for human consumption

      Article 116200
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    44. Assessment of the performance of cruise ship waste management: Case study of the Rio de Janeiro port, Brazil

      Article 116216
    45. Beached plastic and other anthropogenic debris in the inner Seychelles islands: Results of a citizen science approach

      Article 116176
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    46. Decomposition of microplastics using copper oxide/bismuth vanadate-based photocatalysts: Insight mechanisms and environmental impacts

      Article 116205
    47. Assessing petrochemical effluent effect on heavy metal pollution in Musa Estuary: A numerical modeling approach

      Article 116201
    48. Potentially toxic elements fluxes in 210Pb-dated sediment cores from a large coastal lagoon (southern Gulf of Mexico) under environmental stress

      Article 116226
    49. Addressing the global challenge of coastal sewage pollution

      Article 116232
    50. Use of an uncrewed surface vehicle and near infrared hyperspectral imaging for sampling and analysis of aquatic microplastics

      Article 116214
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    51. Considerations and data update for the inference of environmental quality standards for two avermectins widely used in salmon aquaculture

      Article 116213
    52. Sedimentary environmental quality of a biosphere reserve estuary in southwestern Iberian Peninsula

      Article 116225
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    53. Impact of pesticides on marine coral reef foraminifera

      Article 116237
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    54. Overwintering and summer survival of Ulva prolifera in sediments: Indoor simulation of temperature impacts

      Article 116233
    55. Chemical speciation and comprehensive risk assessment of metals in sediments from Nabq protectorate, the Red Sea using individual and synergistic indices

      Article 116219
    56. Temporal fluctuation of metallic trace elements concentrations in three morphotypes of floating holopelagic Sargassum from the Caribbean coast (Guadeloupe, French West Indies)

      Article 116229
    57. Microplastics in retail shellfish from a seafood market in eastern Thailand: Occurrence and risks to human food safety

      Article 116228
    58. Biochemical responses in Pacific oysters Magallana gigas (Thunberg, 1793): Tools to evaluate the environmental quality of aquaculture areas

      Article 116244
    59. Short-term buoyant microplastic transport patterns driven by wave evolution, breaking, and orbital motion in coast

      Article 116248
    60. Entanglement and ingestion of microfibers by the oyster pea crab Zaops ostreum, an endosymbiont of the eastern oyster Crassostrea virginica

      Article 116251
    61. Decadal changes of macrofauna community in a semi-enclosed Bay of Yueqing in East China Sea

      Article 116239
    62. Controlling effects of terrestrial organic matter on metal contamination and toxicity risks in port sediments

      Article 116245
    63. Growing coastal tourism: Can biomonitoring provide insights into the health of coastal ecosystems?

      Article 116253
    64. Occurrence and distribution of phycotoxins in the Antarctic Ocean

      Article 116250
    65. Nutrient characteristics driven by multiple factors in large estuaries during summer: A case study of the Yangtze River Estuary

      Article 116241
    66. Spatial heterogeneity of sedimentary organic matter sources in the Yangtze River estuary: Implications from fatty acid biomarkers

      Article 116249
    67. Numerical and experimental simulation on efficiency of air bubble barrier on various pollutants for preventing oil spill spread

      Article 116254
    68. Effects of ocean warming on the fatty acid and epigenetic profile of Acartia tonsa: A multigenerational approach

      Article 116265
    69. Discernible decline in macroplastic litter inputs to the central eastern Red Sea shoreline during the COVID-19 lockdown

      Article 116264
    70. New dockside eDNA based protocol to detect the seaweed Asparagopsis armata evaluated by stakeholders

      Article 116259
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    71. Spatial and temporal distribution of physicochemical parameters of water in Gorgan Bay (the southeast of the Caspian Sea - Iran): Fundamentals for the monitoring of the Caspian Sea coastal areas

      Article 116236
    72. Satellite-based estimation of total suspended solids and chlorophyll-a concentrations for the Gold Coast Broadwater, Australia

      Article 116217
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    73. Retrieval operations of derelict fishing gears give insight on the impact on marine life

      Article 116268
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    74. Spatiotemporal dynamics of bacterioplankton communities in the estuaries of two differently contaminated coastal areas: Composition, driving factors and ecological process

      Article 116263
    75. Significant CO2 emission in the shallow inshore waters of the southeastern Yellow Sea in 2020

      Article 116262
    76. Mercury bioaccumulation and its relationship with trophic biomarkers in a Mediterranean elasmobranch mesopredator

      Article 116218
    77. Microplastics in beach sediments of the Azores archipelago, NE Atlantic

      Article 116243
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    78. Application of deep learning in predicting suspended sediment concentration: A case study in Jiaozhou Bay, China

      Article 116255
    79. Surface active dicationic ionic liquids as green oil spill dispersants

      Article 116280
    80. Beach-cast seagrass wrack: A natural marine resource improving the establishment of dune plant communities under a changing climate

      Article 116270
    81. Under pressure: Assessing the ecological boundaries of the epipelagic goose barnacle Lepas anatifera using ocean gliders and laboratory experiments

      Article 116278
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    82. Techniques for hazing and deterring birds during an oil spill

      Article 116276
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    83. Organophosphate ester additives and microplastics in benthic compartments from the Loire estuary (French Atlantic coast)

      Article 116256
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    84. Development of a polystyrene-based microplastic model for bioaccumulation and biodistribution study using radiotracing and nuclear analysis method

      Article 116283
    85. Determination of potentially toxic elements bioaccumulated in the commercially important pelagic fish narrow-barred Spanish mackerel (Scomberomorus commerson)

      Article 116281
    86. Temporal and spatial dynamics of coral symbiont assemblages are affected by local and global impacts

      Article 116272
    87. Distribution and composition of floating marine debris in Shiretoko peninsula, Japan, using opportunistic sighting survey

      Article 116266
    88. Recovery of fishery-stressed seagrass meadows is driven by improvements in wastewater management

      Article 116282
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    89. Transcriptome analysis reveals limited toxic effects of the UV-filter benzophenone-3 (BP-3) on the hermatypic coral Acropora tenuis and its symbiotic dinoflagellates

      Article 116260
    90. Entropy-weighted water quality index, hydrogeochemistry, and Monte Carlo simulation of source-specific health risks of groundwater in the Morava River plain (Serbia)

      Article 116277
    91. Plastic pollution on Moroccan beaches: Toward baselines for large-scale assessment

      Article 116288
    92. Evaluation of the ecological status of shallow-water coral reefs in China using a novel method and identification of environmental factors for coral decline

      Article 116227
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    93. Interactive impacts of CO2-induced seawater acidification and cadmium exposure on antioxidant defenses of juvenile tongue sole Cynoglossus semilaevis

      Article 116284
    94. Isolation, characteristics, and poly(butylene adipate-co-terephthalate) (PBAT) degradation mechanism of a marine bacteria Roseibium aggregatum ZY-1

      Article 116261

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