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Volume 596

15 April 2024

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 172007
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  1. Research articles

    1. Research on the hydrogenation behavior of magnetocaloric La0.8Ce0.2Fe11.51Mn0.19Si1.3 hot-pressed plates

      Article 171935
    2. Rietveld refinement and cation distribution of Zn-Al substituted NiFe2O4 ferrite nanoparticles

      Article 171908
    3. An experimental investigation of selective laser melting parameters effects on ferromagnetic properties of pure iron in both the as-built and annealed conditions

      Article 171924
    4. Large-scale synthesis of dense Fe3C via ultra-high pressure method

      Article 171926
    5. Coexisting magnetic interaction, critical behavior and magnetocaloric effect at high temperature in Fe50Ni50 soft ferromagnetic alloy

      Article 171928
    6. Al-doped BaFe12O19 hexaferrites: Dopant distribution in the crystal lattice and its effect on the magnetic order

      Article 171913
    7. Out-of-equilibrium voltage and thermal bias response of a quantum dot hybrid system coupled to topological superconductor

      Article 171922
    8. Stabilization of γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticles to heat by doping Nb and its property studied by Mössbauer spectroscopy

      Article 171940
    9. Anomalous texture developments, new two-dimensional primary growth modeling, and fully (001)-textured electrical steels

      Article 171769
    10. The magneto thermoelectric coefficients of double quantum dots in series connected to ferromagnetic electrodes

      Article 171930
    11. Ab-initio DFT+U study on the electronic correlation in multiferroic XY-antiferromagnetic Ba2CoGe2O7

      Article 171955
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    12. Frustration-enhanced spin Nernst conductivity in a single-layer honeycomb antiferromagnet

      Article 171911
    13. Image-based prediction and optimization of hysteresis properties of nanocrystalline permanent magnets using deep learning

      Article 171937
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    14. The intrinsic switching field of single domain ferromagnetic particles

      Article 171931
    15. Temperature dependence on magnetic moment formation at a Ce impurity in Gd, Tb, and Dy: An intermediate valence model

      Article 171956
    16. Electronic structure of CeCu4In from band structure calculations and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

      Article 171938
    17. Unconventional anomalous Hall effect in Zintl thermoelectric Eu2ZnSb2

      Article 171960
    18. The use of diffraction techniques for understanding structure–property relationships in Heusler alloys

      Article 171809
    19. Investigation of magnetic and electrochemical properties of NiBixFe2-xO4 ferrite nanoparticles for enhanced functional applications

      Article 171968
    20. Phase and d-d hybridization control via electron count for material property control in the X2FeAl material class

      Article 171932
    21. Design, scalable construction, and test of optimal linear Halbach arrays for mobile applications

      Article 171967
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    22. Sodium alginate derived SiC-carbon composite aerogel for effective microwave absorption

      Article 171970
    23. Macroscopic magnetic monopoles in a 3D-printed mechano-magnet

      Article 171929
    24. Dynamical analysis of a ferrofluid subjected to oscillatory field and shear rates: Applications to magnetic hyperthermia

      Article 171936
    25. Effects of temperature on the dynamic and static properties of a non-heisenberg anisotropic ferromagnet

      Article 171971
    26. Ultra-thin ferromagnets with large magnetic anisotropy by assembling MnCl3 superatoms on SbAs monolayer

      Article 171939
    27. On the magnetization of an antiferromagnetic film with uniaxial magnetocrystalline anisotropy

      Article 171977
    28. Effect of divalent metal ions substitution on the magnetic properties of Ba3Co2-xMexFe24O41 (Me = Zn2+, Ni2+) hexagonal ferrites

      Article 171964
    29. In-situ thermal annealing effects on domain wall velocity in Pt/Co/Pt trilayer thin films with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy

      Article 171974
    30. Ferromagnetic polymers arising from magnetic and Coulombic interactions

      Article 171976
    31. Reciprocal and non-reciprocal electromagnetic wave propagation in sub-100 nm epitaxial YIG thin films deposited under different oxygen growth pressure

      Article 171972
    32. Correlation of electronic structure and magnetic properties of Ce1-xSmxO2 nanostructure using synchrotron soft XAS

      Article 171965
    33. Hall sensors for magnetization loop determination in thin films

      Article 171775
    34. Effect of aging on temperature dependence of FeCuSiNbB nanocrystalline materials

      Article 171982
    35. Effect of Gd3+ ion doping on structural, optical, magnetic and dielectric properties on superparamagnetic Mg0.5Zn0.5Fe2−xGdxO4 (0 ≤ x ≤ 1) nanoparticles synthesized via oleic acid assisted chemical co-precipitation method

      Article 171981
    36. Weak magnetic doping effect on the magnetic transition, magnetocaloric properties, and super-invar behavior in TbCo2Vx system

      Article 171963
    37. Skew scattering dominated anomalous Hall effect in Si/Ni multilayers containing varying number of bilayers

      Article 171975
    38. Human head sized magnetorelaxometry imaging of magnetic nanoparticles with optically pumped magnetometers — A feasibility study

      Article 171983
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    39. Finemet nanocrystalline magnetic powder cores: Application of binder and warm compaction process

      Article 171985
    40. Optimizing energy storage and magnetoelectric performance through core–shell engineering: A study on Ni0.5Co0.5Fe2O4-BaTiO3 multiferroic composite materials

      Article 171994
    41. Broadband microwave absorption for thin FeSiCr/rGO composites

      Article 171979
    42. Magnetic states of iron borate at high quasi-hydrostatic pressure

      Article 171986
    43. Realization of magnetic-field-induced martensitic transformation in melt-spun Fe-Mn-Ga alloys

      Article 171996
    44. Modeling and control of magnetically actuated micro/milli robots position under laminar flow

      Article 171969
    45. Antiferromagnetic Cr-Mn alloys: Crystal structure, magnetic anisotropy, and exchange bias in magnetron-sputtered polycrystalline thin films

      Article 171958
    46. Magnetic microscopy using Hall effect sensors biased with pulsed currents

      Article 171959
    47. Solvothermally synthesized magnetite nanorods for application in magnetic hyperthermia and photothermia

      Article 171990
    48. Band gap, ferromagnetic resonance and strong microwave absorption of BaFe12-2xZnxSnxO19 compounds and enhanced dielectric loss in BaFe12-2xZnxSnxO19/carbon nano tube composites

      Article 171997
  2. Review articles

    1. Development and application of a new computational model of realistic noise related to AC Biosusceptometry

      Article 171962
  3. Erratum

    1. Erratum to “Magnetic, magnetocaloric and critical behavior studies in Heusler compounds Co2-xCr1+xAl” [J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 591 (2024) 171743]

      Article 171877
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