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Volume 66

March 2024

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 100893
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  1. Main Articles

    1. Faculty intention to implement data analytics in the accounting curricula

      Article 100882
    2. Identifying gaps between research results and education

      Article 100884
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  2. Educational Cases

    1. A data analytics case study analyzing IRS SOI migration data using no code, low code technologies

      Article 100885
  3. Special Issue on Sustainability in Accounting Education

    1. Integration of sustainability issues into management accounting textbooks

      Article 100886
  4. Special Issue on Associate Editor Compilation

    1. Addressing the shortage of accountants: Suggestions for academe and the profession

      Article 100888
    2. Addressing the stagnation issue in accounting education research while incorporating mainstream publications and professional practice into the accounting curriculum

      Article 100883
  5. Erratum

    1. Erratum regarding missing Declaration of Competing Interest statements in previously published articles

      Article 100887
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ISSN: 0748-5751