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What is Joule?

  • Joule, a sister journal to Cell, is a home for outstanding and insightful research, analysis and ideas addressing a key global challenge: the need for more sustainable energy.
  • Joule is a distinctive and forward-looking journal, bridging disciplines and scales of energy research. Joule

100 days
Submission to acceptance


Ahmed Gailani, ... Robert Gross
20 March 2024View PDF
Min Wang, ... Feng Wang
20 March 2024
Pengfei Qiu, ... Xun Shi
20 March 2024
Pushun Lu, ... Xueliang Sun
20 March 2024
Kirstin Alberi, ... Emily L. Warren
20 March 2024View PDF
Changsoo Kim, ... Ung Lee
20 March 2024View PDF
Berkley B. Noble, ... Paul A. Kempler
20 March 2024View PDF
Ethan R. Sauvé, ... Yogesh Surendranath
20 March 2024