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Journal of Colloid and Interface Science Open

All research articles published in JCIS Open are freely available via the Internet upon publication to maximize the readership.
JCIS Open shares its broad aims & scope and editor's expertise with the sister journals, Journal of Colloid and Interface …

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Devanshi S. Shah, ... Purnima D. Amin
July 2024View PDF
Håkan Wennerström
July 2024View PDF
E.S. Kartashynska, D. Vollhardt
July 2024View PDF
Mukesh Kumar, ... Dileep Mampallil
April 2024View PDF
Suresh Chandra Baral, ... Somaditya Sen
April 2024View PDF
Pouya Karimi, ... Francesco Baino
April 2024View PDF
Tayssir Hamieh
April 2024View PDF

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JCIS Open Thoughts

Guest editors: Kevin Roger, Wuge H. Briscoe - Submission deadline: 31 December 2024
In the Open Thoughts collection, recognized scientists in colloid & interface science invite readers to think about open avenues to explore in their research.
Submission deadline: 31 December 2024

Special issues and article collections

JCIS Open Thoughts

Edited by Dr. Kevin Roger, Professor Wuge H. Briscoe
5 February 2024

Special issue for 11th Colloids Conference

Edited by Kevin Roger
3 July 2023