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Volume 105

15 April 2024

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  1. Research Articles

    1. The impacts of age and preparation information on perceived and actual preparedness for a pandemic: A latent class analysis

      Article 104374
    2. Policymaking in the dark: The impact of power outage information asymmetry on local government resilience efforts in Florida

      Article 104381
    3. Human behavioral response to earthquake early warnings (EEW): Are alerts received on mobile phones inhibiting protective actions?

      Article 104401
    4. Spatial-temporal variation of economic resilience and its influencing factors under COVID-19: Evidence from Henan province, China

      Article 104357
    5. The role of burnout and coping in the quality of life among disaster emergency volunteers during the Cianjur earthquake

      Article 104362
    6. Orange grower's perception of drought impacts and strategies for mitigation and adaptation: A study of the Vidarbha region in India

      Article 104392
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    7. Innovation and deadlock in governing disasters and climate change collaboratively - Lessons from the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia

      Article 104366
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    8. From compassion to controversy: Unraveling the impact of societal resilience on the tapestry of attitudes towards Ukrainian refugees

      Article 104326
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    9. Social comparison, resilience, life satisfaction, depression, and anxiety among earthquake survivors in Turkey

      Article 104426
    10. Rapid construction method of emergency material supply chain based on shared platform covering market resources

      Article 104365
    11. Deep learning models integrating multi-sensor and -temporal remote sensing to monitor landslide traces in Vietnam

      Article 104391
    12. Seismic retrofit cost model for Italian masonry residential buildings to support territorial-scale risk analysis

      Article 104373
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    13. Predictive modeling of severe weather impact on individuals and populations using Machine Learning

      Article 104398
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    14. Cultural tuning of a disaster education tool: A comparative study of Japan, El Salvador, and Mexico

      Article 104370
    15. Crisis and performance: A contingency approach to performance indicators

      Article 104417
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    16. Research on online public opinion in the investigation of the “7–20” extraordinary rainstorm and flooding disaster in Zhengzhou, China

      Article 104422
    17. Influence of local versus national datasets on seismic loss estimates: A case study for residential buildings in the metropolitan area of Montreal, Canada

      Article 104404
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    18. Theoretical and practical considerations in the creation of a disaster risk reduction educational strategy at the primary education level: A case study of Mexico city

      Article 104320
    19. Assessing coastal vulnerability and climate resilience for Caribbean small island states using ecological principles

      Article 104410
    20. Nurturing partnerships to support data access for impact forecasts and warnings: Theoretical integration and synthesis

      Article 104395
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  2. Review articles

    1. Emerging trends in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation higher education

      Article 104383
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    2. Practical considerations of implementing disaster crisis standards of care in the intensive care unit: A scoping review

      Article 104412
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    3. The role of individual preparedness and behavioural training in natural hazards: A scoping review

      Article 104379
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  3. Short Communication

    1. Slow violence to disasters: Exploring racialized topographies and contextualizing social vulnerability to flood and other environmental risks

      Article 104409
  4. Special Issue on "Social Capital and Community Resilience in the wake of disasters, conflicts and displacements"; Edited by: Dr. Sandra Carrasco, Dr. Temitope Egbelakin, Dr. Liyaning Maggie Tang, and Dr. Chiho Ochiai

    1. Shaping the perception of flood risk among residents of riverbank informal settlements in Kathmandu

      Article 104423
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  5. Special Issue on "Involving people in emergency response"; Edited by: Dr. Laurits Rauer Nielsen, Dr. Kerstin Eriksson, and Dr. Wolfgang Hochbruck

    1. Filling the void: Rural disaster volunteerism during the Swedish wildfires of 2018

      Article 104393
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    2. Emergent, extending, expanding and established citizen disaster response in the German Ahr valley flood in 2021

      Article 104394
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  6. Corrigendum

    1. Corrigendum to ‘Post-disaster recovery and bargaining with patriarchy: A case study from Macapaya, Philippines’ [Int. J. Disaster Risk Reduc. 94 August 2023 103833]

      Article 104382
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    2. Corrigendum to “Location selection of field hospitals amid COVID-19 considering effectiveness and fairness: A case study of Florida” [Int. J. Disaster Risk Reduc. 93 (2023) 103794]

      Article 104385
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    3. Corrigendum to “Being a nurse in Turkey's disaster: A phenomenological study on post-earthquake experiences” [Int. J. Disaster Risk Reduc. 103 (2024) 104346]

      Article 104386
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ISSN: 2212-4209