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Volume 44

March 2024

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  1. Editorial Board

    Article 100666
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  2. Editorial

    Article 100667
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  3. Need for intensive care? A socio-technical systems perspective on water supply failure preparedness in German health care facilities

    Article 100644
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  4. Machine learning applications in the resilience of interdependent critical infrastructure systems—A systematic literature review

    Article 100646
  5. Chance-constrained vulnerability assessment of smart water distribution systems against stealthy false data injection attacks

    Article 100645
  6. A survey on safeguarding critical infrastructures: Attacks, AI security, and future directions

    Article 100647
  7. Protection of critical infrastructures from advanced combined cyber and physical threats: The PRAETORIAN approach

    Article 100657
  8. A comparative study of cyber security intrusion detection in healthcare systems

    Article 100658
  9. A novel cost-based optimization model for electric power distribution systems resilience improvement under dust storms

    Article 100659
  10. A watchdog model for physics-based anomaly detection in digital substations

    Article 100660
  11. Cross trust: A decentralized MA-ABE mechanism for cross-border identity authentication

    Article 100661

ISSN: 1874-5482