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Information Sciences

Volume 663

March 2024

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  1. Editorial Board

    Article 120356
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  2. Ordered weighted geometric averaging operators for basic uncertain information

    Article 120275
  3. Multi-strategy multi-modal multi-objective evolutionary algorithm using macro and micro archive sets

    Article 120301
  4. A causal representation learning based model for time series prediction under external interference

    Article 120270
  5. A unified framework of community hiding using symmetric nonnegative matrix factorization

    Article 120235
  6. Enhanced NSGA-II-based feature selection method for high-dimensional classification

    Article 120269
  7. Towards social-welfare and confidence optimizing approach to examining barriers for digital transformation in SMCEs

    Article 120312
  8. A novel multi-objective optimization framework for optimal integrated energy system planning with demand response under multiple uncertainties

    Article 120252
  9. Optimized third-generation prospect theory-based three-way decision approach for conflict analysis in multi-scale Z-number information systems

    Article 120309
  10. An adaptive highly improving the accuracy of clustering algorithm based on kernel density estimation

    Article 120187
  11. A similarity-based three-way multiattribute decision model under constrained Pythagorean fuzzy environment

    Article 120302
  12. Adaptive fuzzy sliding mode control of uncertain nonholonomic wheeled mobile robot with external disturbance and actuator saturation

    Article 120303
  13. AWGAN: An adaptive weighting GAN approach for oversampling imbalanced datasets

    Article 120311
  14. A comprehensive framework for explainable cluster analysis

    Article 120282
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  15. Fuzzy adaptive containment control of non-strict feedback multi-agent systems with prescribed time and accuracy under arbitrary initial conditions

    Article 120306
  16. FE-RNN: A fuzzy embedded recurrent neural network for improving interpretability of underlying neural network

    Article 120276
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  17. A general convergence analysis method for evolutionary multi-objective optimization algorithm

    Article 120267
  18. A survey on Z-number-based decision analysis methods and applications: What’s going on and how to go further?

    Article 120234
  19. Unsupervised feature selection using orthogonal encoder-decoder factorization

    Article 120277
  20. Keywords attention for fake news detection using few positive labels

    Article 120300
  21. A novel TODIM-based multi-attribute decision making method under information described by Z-numbers for selecting online B&B

    Article 120315
  22. Automatic annotation of protected attributes to support fairness optimization

    Article 120188
  23. Robust two-stage minimum asymmetric cost consensus models under uncertainty circumstances

    Article 120279
  24. Fuzzy compensation of model predictive control for PMSMs with external disturbances

    Article 120106
  25. A novel grey relational clustering model under sequential three-way decision framework

    Article 120248

ISSN: 0020-0255