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Forest Policy and Economics

Volume 160

March 2024

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 103172
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  1. Research Papers

    1. Factors influencing forestland enrollment in Georgia's preferential property tax programs

      Article 103126
    2. Psychological mechanism of forest-based wellness tourism decision-making during the prevention and control of COVID-19

      Article 103140
    3. Private forest owners' organizations adherence to policy tools. Insights from Portugal

      Article 103147
    4. The role of local deities and traditional beliefs in promoting the sustainable use of mangrove ecosystems

      Article 103145
    5. US imports of softwood lumber: Assessing the significance of spillover effects

      Article 103162
  2. Commentary

    1. Mapping two centuries of forest governance in Nordic countries: An open access database

      Article 103142
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  3. Special issue on 4th International Forest Policy Meeting Special Issue

    1. The Forest Sector in EU Member States' National Recovery and Resilience Plans: a preliminary analysis

      Article 103157
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    2. Justice and injustice under authoritarian environmentalism: Investigating tensions between forestland property rights and environmental conservation in China

      Article 103144
  4. Special issue on Trends in U.S. Forest business sector and markets

    1. Trends in U.S. forest business sector and market research

      Article 103160
  5. Special issue on Current trends in Faustmann research

    1. The discount rate differential required for harvesting-by-dice-rolling to outperform optimal rotation planning

      Article 103154
    2. Faustmann formula and its use in forest asset valuation: A review and a suggestion

      Article 103158
    3. Prices versus quantities in forest regulation

      Article 103032
  6. Special issue on Bioeconomy Governance in the Global South: State of the Art and the Way Forward

    1. Ambiguity and forest-based bioeconomy: The case of forest fires in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania

      Article 103159
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  7. Special issue on Climate solutions by the forest sector: Opportunities, challenges, and responses

    1. China's National Reserve Forest Project contribution to carbon neutrality and path to profitability

      Article 103146
  8. Special issue on Current trends in forest livelihoods research

    1. The human well-being outcomes of tree plantations in sub-Saharan Africa: A reassessment of evidence using longitudinal subnational-year data

      Article 103141

ISSN: 1389-9341