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Eating Behaviors

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Eating Behaviors is an international peer-reviewed scientific journal publishing human research on the etiology, prevention, and treatment of the full range of eating pathology (e.g., obesity, binge eating, eating disorders) in diverse groups of adults and children. Studies related to the …


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Rami Bou Khalil, ... Sebastien Guillaume
April 2024
Jenna Campagna, ... Rachel F. Rodgers
April 2024
Padideh Lovan, ... Guillermo Prado
April 2024
Agatha A. Laboe, ... Ellen E. Fitzsimmons-Craft
April 2024
Rachel F. Rodgers, ... Genevieve P. Nowicki
April 2024
Jessica Y. Breland, ... Susan M. Frayne
April 2024
Ellen K. Pasquale, ... Kerri N. Boutelle
April 2024View PDF

Special issues and article collections

Food Insecurity & Disordered Eating

Edited by Vivienne Hazzard, Cheri Levinson, Brenna Williams
6 September 2023

The Influence of Social Media on Body Image and Disordered Eating

Edited by Savannah Roberts, Tiffany Brown
3 July 2023

The Integration of Eating Disorders and High Body Weight

Edited by Natasha Schvey, Marian Tanofsky-Kraff, Tera Fazzino
3 July 2023

Disordered Eating in Underserved and Understudied Adult Populations

Edited by Natasha Burke, Jerel Calzo, Nichole R. Kelly, Elizabeth Cotter
23 April 2023