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The aim of Earthquake Research Advances is to improve our understanding of earthquake physics, expand our ability to observe earthquake-related phenomenon and improve our mitigation of seismic hazards. To achieve that goal, the journal publishes original research articles focused on all aspects of …

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Yanru An
January 2024View PDF
Yali Guo, ... Yueren Xu
January 2024View PDF
Guoliang Shao, ... Baofeng Zhou
January 2024View PDF
Yuqiao Chang, ... Huiping Zhang
January 2024View PDF
Xinglin Lei, ... Changrong He
January 2024View PDF
Xingmian Zhang, ... Bingyue Liu
January 2024View PDF
Kang Wang, ... Huiyu Zhu
January 2024View PDF
Yuteng Cao, ... Xiaodong Ji
January 2024View PDF

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ERA Focuses Issue on Earthquake Bursts in Western China in May 2021

Edited by Dr. Zhigang Peng, Dr. Jing Liu-Zeng, Dr. Dun Wang, Dr. Jie Liu, Dr. Baoshan Wang, Dr. Qiang Ma, Dr. Zufeng Chang
April 2022