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The journal Earth System Governance addresses governance processes and institutions at all levels of decision-making - from local to global - within a planetary perspective that seeks to align our current institutions and governance systems with the fundamental 21st century challenges of global …


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Víctor M. Velázquez Durán, Rocío Rosales Ortega
April 2024View PDF
Simone J. Domingue, Stacia S. Ryder
January 2024View PDF
Florian Rabitz
January 2024View PDF
Daniel Petrovics, ... Amandine Orsini
January 2024View PDF
Sean Low, ... Jose Maria Valenzuela
January 2024View PDF
Cebuan Bliss, ... Duncan Liefferink
January 2024View PDF

Calls for papers

Locating the ‘Global South’ in Earth System Governance

Guest editors: Dhanasree Jayaram, Cristina Yumie Aoki Inoue, Louis J. Kotzé, Ana Flávia Barros-Platiau, Annisa Triyanti, Veronica Korber Gonçalves, Timothy A. Balag'kutuSubmission deadline: 30 June 2024
Submission deadline: 30 June 2024

Special issues and article collections

Artificial Intelligence & Digitalization

Edited by Joshua Gellers
30 March 2022

S.O.S. - Science for Ocean Sustainability

Edited by Leandra R. Gonçalves, D.G Webster, Candace May
30 March 2022

Earth System Law: Towards a New Legal Paradigm for the Anthropocene

Edited by Louis Kotzé, Rakhyun E. Kim, Catherine Blanchard
17 January 2022