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The following are examples of what the editors consider to demonstrate very well the kind of review article that ESR hopes to publish:


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W.P. Schellart
June 2024View PDF
Dongfang Song, ... Hao Zeng
June 2024
Larisa Tarasova, ... Thorsten Wagener
May 2024View PDF
Yujiang He, ... Guiling Wang
May 2024
Waqar Islam, ... Khalid Ali Khan
May 2024
Bowen Chen, ... Xiaochun Li
May 2024
J.I. López-Moreno, ... E. Alonso-González
May 2024
Cheng Peng, ... Chengshan Wang
May 2024

Special issues and article collections

Application of different radiogenic isotope systems and cyclostratigraphy in the dating of sedimentary rocks

Edited by Overseeing Editor Timothy Kusky, Overseeing Editor Chris Fielding, Zhongwu Lan, Huaichun Wu, Huaiyu He
1 March 2024

Plate Tectonics, the Last 2 Billion Years: Foundations of the Earth System

Edited by Christopher Scotese, Dietmar Muller, D.J.J. van (Douwe) Hinsbergen
20 February 2024

Interrelated climatic, oceanic, and biotic events during the Triassic-Jurassic transition: a global perspective

Edited by Thomas Algeo, Shane Schoepfer, Bas van de Schootbrugge, Jessica Whiteside
19 January 2024

Accretionary and collisional orogenesis within the Altaids and Tethysides

Edited by Wenjiao Xiao, Lu Wang, A.M. Celal Şengör, Alla Dolgopolova
3 July 2023