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Computers & Mathematics with Applications


Volume 157

Pages 1-234 (1 March 2024)

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    1. Editorial Board

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    1. Editorial Board

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  1. Regular Articles

    1. Improved-FSDT-based solid-shell element for buckling analysis of plate, spherical cap, and cylindrical shell of FG porous materials

      Pages 1-14
    2. A fast linearized Galerkin finite element method for the nonlinear multi-term time fractional wave equation

      Pages 27-48
    3. Optimal control of three-dimensional unsteady partial differential equations with convection term in continuous casting

      Pages 49-64
    4. Error analysis of the linearized Crank-Nicolson FEM for the incompressible vector potential magnetohydrodynamic system

      Pages 65-73
    5. Unconditional analysis of the linearized second-order time-stepping scheme combined with a mixed element method for a nonlinear time fractional fourth-order wave equation

      Pages 74-91
    6. Pattern dynamics analysis of a time-space discrete FitzHugh-Nagumo (FHN) model based on coupled map lattices

      Pages 92-123
    7. On the enriched mixed Galerkin method with θ scheme for the elastic wave equation

      Pages 124-146
    8. New error analysis of charge-conservative finite element methods for stationary inductionless MHD equations

      Pages 147-158
    9. Efficient and reliable divergence-conforming methods for an elasticity-poroelasticity interface problem

      Pages 173-194
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    10. Characteristic boundary condition for thermal lattice Boltzmann methods

      Pages 195-208
    11. Multiscale optimization via enhanced multilevel PCA-based control space reduction for electrical impedance tomography imaging

      Pages 215-234
  2. R-Badged Articles

    1. Local analysis of L1-finite difference method on graded meshes for multi-term two-dimensional time-fractional initial-boundary value problem with Neumann boundary conditions

      Pages 209-214
  3. Special Section on Innovative discretizations of PDEs: towards an accurate representation of the reality; Edited by Bertrand Fleurianne; Daniele Boffi; Waldemar Rachowicz; Jichun Li; Jean-Luc Guermond; Alexander Düster; Norbert Heuer

    1. Automatic variationally stable analysis for finite element computations: Transient convection-diffusion problems

      Pages 15-26
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    2. Direct cumulant lattice Boltzmann simulations of transitional flow in gyroidal structures including experimental validation

      Pages 159-172
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ISSN: 0898-1221