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Volume 31, Issue 1

Pages 1-120 (February 2024)

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    1. Editorial Board

      Page ii
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  1. Special Feature: Harmful Effects of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Change Efforts

    1. Editor: Nikolaos Kazantzis

      1. Invited Expert Commentaries

        1. Changing Minds About Not Can but Ought

          Pages 1-9
        2. A Counteroffensive Against Conversion Therapy in the Culture Wars

          Pages 10-14
        3. Bans on Evidence-Based Care for Transgender and Gender Diverse People Present Risks for Clients and Dilemmas for Mental Health Providers

          Pages 15-19
        4. Engaging Mental Health Service Providers to Recognize and Support Conversion Practice Survivors Through Their Journey to Recovery

          Pages 20-25
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    2. Invited Concluding Commentaries

      1. From Allies of “Conversion Therapy” to Accomplices of Justice: Invited Concluding Comment to the C&BP Special Series

        Pages 26-30
      2. Policy Perspectives on Efforts to End Conversion Practices

        Pages 31-34
  2. Regular Articles

    1. Applying Cognitive Behavioral Principles to Promote Health in Transgender and Gender Diverse Individuals

      Pages 35-47
    2. Perceptions of Women With Comorbid PTSD and Substance Use Disorder on Mechanisms Underlying Mindfulness-Based Interventions

      Pages 48-57
    3. An Open Trial of Skills for Psychological Recovery for Sudden Loss Survivors

      Pages 58-71
    4. A Review of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Adolescents: Developmental and Contextual Considerations

      Pages 72-89
  3. Case Studies & Reports

    1. A Pilot Clinical Case Series of Functionality-Focused Mirror Exposure in Women With Clinically Elevated Body Dissatisfaction

      Pages 90-108
    2. An Individual Mindfulness-Based Intervention for Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities: A Case Study

      Pages 109-118
  4. Acknowledgment to 2023 Reviewers

    1. Acknowledgment to 2023 Reviewers

      Pages 119-120
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ISSN: 1077-7229