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Volume 346

5 June 2024

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  1. Editorial Board

    Article 123802
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  2. Facilely tunable dodecahedral polyoxometalate framework loaded with mono- or bimetallic sites for efficient photocatalytic CO2 reduction

    Article 123733
  3. A switchable hydrogenation chemoselectivity of biomass platform compounds based on solvent regulation

    Article 123719
  4. Dynamic trap of Ni at elevated temperature for yielding high-efficiency methane dry reforming catalyst

    Article 123728
  5. Ammonia synthesis over cesium-promoted mesoporous-carbon-supported ruthenium catalysts: Impact of graphitization degree of the carbon support

    Article 123725
  6. Extraordinary d–d hybridization in Co(Cu)0.5OxHy microcubes facilitates PhCH2O* –Co(Ⅳ) coupling for benzyl alcohol electrooxidation

    Article 123739
  7. Towards high performance durable ceramic fuel cells using a triple conducting perovskite cathode

    Article 123678
  8. Unveiling the role of catalytically active MXene supports in enhancing the performance and durability of cobalt oxygen evolution reaction catalysts for anion exchange membrane water electrolyzers

    Article 123731
  9. Fe2O3/P-doped CoMoO4 electrocatalyst delivers efficient overall water splitting in alkaline media

    Article 123741
  10. Si-doped ZnAl-LDH nanosheets by layer-engineering for efficient photoelectrocatalytic water splitting

    Article 123706
  11. Phosphorus-substituted atomically dispersed Rh-N3P1 sites for efficient promotion in CO2 hydrogenation towards ethanol production

    Article 123730
  12. A novel biomass gasification process for the generation of inherently separated syngas using the concept of chemical looping technology

    Article 123729
  13. Controlling oxide promoter coverage and microstructure on metals of inverse catalysts: Application to liquid phase tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol conversion to 1,5-pentanediol

    Article 123724
  14. Mesoporous zeolite ZSM-5 confined Cu nanoclusters for efficient selective catalytic reduction of NOx by NH3

    Article 123747
  15. Carbon dots bridged Zn0.5Cd0.5S with interfacial amide bond facilitating electron transfer for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen peroxide production

    Article 123721
  16. Conversion of CO2 to higher alcohols on K-CuZnAl/Zr-CuFe composite

    Article 123748
  17. Effects of the chemical states of N sites and mesoporosity of N-doped carbon supports on single-atom Ru catalysts during CO2-to-formate conversion

    Article 123751
  18. Single-atom Pt–N4 active sites anchored on porous C3N4 nanosheet for boosting the photocatalytic CO2 reduction with nearly 100% CO selectivity

    Article 123737
  19. Photothermal interface with high-adhesive superhydrophobicity to construct vapor splitting module for hydrogen evolution from seawater

    Article 123743
  20. Controlled doping of ultralow amounts Ru on Ni cathode for PEMWE: Experimental and theoretical elucidation of enhanced performance

    Article 123738
  21. In-situ formation of hydroxylated Ag active sites over Ag/MnO2 modified by alkali metals for stable decomposition of ozone under humid conditions

    Article 123736
  22. Visible-light responsive TiO2 for the complete photocatalytic decomposition of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and its efficient acceleration by thermal energy

    Article 123745
  23. Electron-donating five-membered heterocyclic modulated electronic states boosting visible-light-driven H2O2 production

    Article 123761
  24. Visible-light photocatalytic activity of rare-earth-metal-doped TiO2: Experimental analysis and machine learning for virtual design

    Article 123744
  25. High-performance, stable buffer-layer-free La0.9Sr0.1Ga0.8Mg0.2O3 electrolyte-supported solid oxide cell with a nanostructured nickel-based hydrogen electrode

    Article 123742
  26. Insight into the extremely different catalytic behaviors of asymmetric and symmetric oxygen vacancies for peroxymonosulfate activation

    Article 123753
  27. Single-atom Ni-N4 sites coordinate dual nonradical oxidation pathways via peroxymonosulfate activation: Computational insights and in situ spectroscopic analyses

    Article 123752
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  28. Immobilizing Pd nanoparticles on amine-functionalized yolk-shell mesoporous silica nanospheres for efficient H2 production from formic acid dehydrogenation

    Article 123750
  29. Mechanisms and site requirements for NO and NH3 oxidation on Cu/SSZ-13

    Article 123726
  30. Ligand bridged MXene/metal organic frameworks heterojunction for efficient photocatalytic ammonia synthesis

    Article 123732
  31. Regulating electrocatalytic properties of oxygen reduction reaction via strong coupling effects between Co-NC sites and intermetallic Pt3Co

    Article 123740
  32. Deactivation of porphyrin metal-organic framework in advanced oxidation process: Photobleaching and underlying mechanism

    Article 123746
  33. Carbon nitride in peroxide-coupled photocatalysis for aqueous organic pollutants destruction: Engineered active sites and electron transfer regimes

    Article 123767
  34. Synergistic regulation of charge state and electron-donating ability via heterojunctions design for fixation of electronegative greenhouse F-gases

    Article 123709
  35. CO2 to dimethylcarbonate synthesis: Surface defects and oxygen vacancies engineering on MOF-derived CexZr1−xO2−y catalysts

    Article 123723
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  36. Synergistic polarization and oxygen vacancies engineering for enhancing photocatalytic NO removal over Bi4Ti3O12 nanowires

    Article 123734
  37. A unique adsorption-diffusion-decomposition mechanism for hydrogen evolution reaction towards high-efficiency Cr, Fe-modified CoP nanorod catalyst

    Article 123749
  38. Building the confined CoS2/MoS2 nanoreactor via interface electronic reconfiguration to synchronously enhance activity and stability of heterogeneous Fenton-like reactions

    Article 123769
  39. Long-chain α-olefins production over Co-MnOx catalyst with optimized interface

    Article 123783
  40. Precisely manipulating the local coordination of cobalt single-atom catalyst boosts selective hydrogenation of nitroarenes

    Article 123762
  41. Single atomic Pt confined into lattice defect sites for low-temperature catalytic oxidation of VOCs

    Article 123779
  42. Corrigendum to “Dynamic trap of Ni at elevated temperature for yielding high-efficiency methane dry reforming catalyst” [Appl. Catal. B Environ. Energy 346 (2024) 123728]

    Article 123782
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